Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Do you know what today is?
Along with it being a WONDER Wednesday, it is also Digital Learning Day!
(But don’t worry you can still learn tomorrow and all the other days too!)
In celebration of both of these things, I am going to share 12 Digital Wonders I found on Wonderopolis!
  1. Do Photographers Still Use Darkrooms? (#547)
  2. How Do You Listen to Music? (#1008)
  3. How Are Sound Effects Made? (#950)
  4. How Do You Capture Memories? (#1127)
  5. When is Technology Old? (#883)
  6. What Does It Mean to Go Viral? (#754)
  7. What Can You Discover at the Library? (#924)
  8. How Do Touch Screens Work? (#420)
  9. What is High Definition? (#446)
  10. What is the Smallest Computer? (#292)
  11. What is a Mouse? (#206)
  12. How Does a Camera Work? (#91)

There are so many more learning opportunities on Wonderopolis and all around us!
I challenge you to go wonder, learn, and share!

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