Friday, November 9, 2012

What is Going on with Weather?

The weather has been quite a popular topic on the news recently!
And I think it is one of the topics coming soon on some pacing guides …
In attempt to answer the questions my daughter has been asking as well as the ones I hear students ask at school, I decided to search around and see what I resources I could find!
When I first did a search for weather, air pressure, predictions, and weather instruments, I was a bit overwhelmed by the results that came back …
As I looked closer at the results, I saw that many of them were not exactly things I would want to share with my daughter or students in the classroom …
Here are a few of the ones that met my standards for sharing:
Weather Instruments/Measuring Weather
Weather Forecasts

Do you have some other great resources I can add to my list?
Please let me know!

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