Friday, October 26, 2012

Top 10 Sites Found in One Day!!!!

WSFCS Teachers can access netTrekker through Learning Village
Since I normally share sites related to Writing, Reading, and Creativity ….
What is even better is that I found all 10 of these sites in one day ….
I saved time searching for resources by using netTrekker ….
Using netTrekker Search, I did searches for simple science topics (ex. rocks and electricity) and was able to get results from many places. I also looked at the related subjects when viewing the results, so I was able to find a variety of resources!
I could limit my search by grade level, subject, and even type of resource …
And the best part is that all of the resources and sites accessed through netTrekker have been through a teacher review process …. which helps students when they do research as well …

photo credit: placbo via photopin cc

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