Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What do you use for writing prompts?

Writing Prompts ...

What do you use for writing prompts?

Do you have a list of topics for you and/or your students?

Do you look around you for inspiration for your own writing?

When I taught a 4th grade Writing class, the first thing we did each day was write for 10 minutes in our journals .... notice I said OUR ... I did it too! I replaced the Writing Teacher who retired. She left me these small flip books full of writing prompts. I also had my own collection of books of writing prompts (I think those are still in the basement now). I would have a journal topic on the board for students to write about most days.  Most of my writing prompts either stated "write about ..." or asked a question for students to answer .... but they were basically just words.

At EdCamp NC this year, someone showed me a different option for writing prompts ...

I just want to let you know that I could get totally distracted looking at all the ideas on this site, so be warned that might happen to you too!

At this site, you will find some of the daily writing prompts one teacher uses in his class. All the ones I have seen have an image element to them. Some have a variety of questions, some have choices for the writer, some provide topics for compare/contrast ... and there are even categories of writing prompts!

  • writing prompts about reading
  • writing prompts about personhood
  • writing prompts about education
  • 28 tried and true writing prompts
  • all of the writing prompts
  • random writing prompt selector
The topic of these prompts are for older students ... but they can serve as inspiration for adults and younger students too!

Think about the journal topics and blog post possibilities ...

Here are a few of the ones I found interesting:

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