Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camp Inspire 2012

A summer 2012 Blockbuster announcement....

You've seen the upcoming previews for "The Amazing Spiderman", "G.I.Joe" and "The Dark Knight Rises"

Now join us this summer for "Camp Inspire 2012" coming to a school near you in Winston-Salem.
Yes we are excited to inform you of this year's next blockbuster event featuring an All-Star cast.

With the Legendary Director Matt Barfield at the helm this event may surpass all expectations.
We cannot forget Co-Writer and Producers Marlo Gaddis and Steven Anderson.

There will be Action, Adventure, Wonder and Amazement to fulfill your thrill seeking side and quest for knowledge.

Camp Inspire 2012 shows that Director Matt Barfield is still as versatile as ever as he returns to the front of the camera as... The Presenter.
Melissa Edwards    ... as ... The Designer
Colleen FitzGerald  ... as ... The Researcher
Dorene Bates         ... as ... The Sharer
Marty Creech         ... as ... The Developer
Evan Herreid          ... as ... The Demonstrator
Brian Piekarski       ... as ... The Identifier
Special guest: Angie Wallace, reprising her Heroic role as... The Assessor  

Join us for one of the Summer's biggest Blockbusters at Morgan Elementary School on July 17 & 18.  Click on the poster below to register for Camp Inspire 2012 in Staff Development.

images provided by Matt Barfield,
Melissa Edwards

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