Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Fun Resources

When I was at an elementary school this week, a 2nd grade teacher asked for some web resources to teach about summer and seasons. I found several and wanted to share them in case someone else might want these same resources.

Summer Learning Explorations: lesson plans, activities, and field trip information. Includes art, math, and science. Click on the Resources and Tools tab to find interactives pertaining to summer.

BrightIdeas for Summer: fun reading lesson plans.

SummerFun for Kids: crafts, activities, games, etc. for students.

SummerActivities: want to learn to make ice cream? Create stories with a summer theme? Find the information here.

Ideas for Summer Fun: more crafts and activities for students with a summer theme.

Summer Holidays: students can learn more about the summer holidays; what they are and when they are celebrated.

SummerFun Lessons & Activities: lessons and activities pertaining to summer.

Seasons: students can learn about all the seasons with lesson plans and videos (scroll to Four Seasons Videos and check out Winnie the Pooh)

These lesson plans and activities would also be good extension activities for families this summer.

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