Thursday, May 3, 2012

Preparing Your Teacher Website For the Summer

The end of the school year is coming upon us so you might want to start thinking about preparing your teacher website for the summer once the dust settles on the EOC tests. Some items you can add to your site are educational games, summer reading lists, subject level projects, Art activities, summer holiday resources, printable online resources, subject level resources and references and online quizzes. As you know, students can never get enough testing!

Teacher Vision has a page of summer links you can check out by clicking here

You might also want to develop your website further by following a few of the tips you can find when you log into Schoolwires and click on the “Editor Best Practices” tab of any page (while in the edit mode). You can also click the “How Do I” tab and look at the “Best Practices for Teacher Sections” in the Additional Resources column. Please remember that our District font is Trebuchet MS size 3 for title text and size 2 for regular text.

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Scott Armstrong said...

During the summer, I like to use sites like Animoto or goanimate4schools to create short videos or animations about what my class will be about in the fall. I'm trying to target parents and students that get scheduled for my class and want to know more about it.