Monday, April 9, 2012

Who is your favorite?

Part of my classroom library one year
Do you have a favorite author?

How many books have you read by that author?

Did you enjoy reading one book by that author so much that you went in search of other books by that author?

I admit that I do that as an adult reader. I greatly enjoyed reading Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton, so search for other books written by that author. I have enjoyed most of the books I have found, and I have found many books I would not have in any other way.

I often use that as an example when I hear students say that they don't know what to read next.

Looking back, I can't tell you how many Baby-sitter's Club books by Ann Martin I read growing up ... that was an author and series that I enjoyed reading. Judy Blume was another one of my favorite authors.

Do our children have favorite authors?

Do they know how to find other book written by that author?

Do they know how to find interesting bits of information shared by that author?

Do you know many authors of books for children and young adults share ideas, upcoming books, frustrations, and even things to laugh about using various types of social media?

Many of the authors and publishers have facebook and/or twitter pages. I have found better information on some of the publisher pages. There are also a large number of author who share things on their blogs (and sometimes you can even find contests and projects for students on those blogs).

On a day of learning at Simplek12, I attended a webinar about connecting with authors on the web as a way to motivate readers.

Here are just a few of the author with things out there for you to explore:
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith (her webpage offers an EXTENSIVE list of info about authors on the web)
  • Kate Messner (was a teacher, has a twitter acct, and an awesome blog post about starting a new book) She has a list of authors who skype with classes on her website!
  • Grace Lin (has certain things she blogs about each day ... on Mondays she writes about what it on her desk and she shares fortune cookie Friday)
  • Dan Santat
  • Mo Willems
My challenge for you this week is to find a book you enjoy reading and then see what other information you can find on the author (and/or publisher) of that book.

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