Friday, April 27, 2012

A Different Type Of Professional Development

 I love checking things off on my list!

First Edcamp

First presentation at Edcamp 

Last Saturday, April 21 was the first ever EdcampNC. It was held at Poe Hall on the North Carolina State Campus. I wasn't really sure what to expect because I had never attended one before. I had heard about others around the country: EdcampPhilly, EdcampDenver, EdcampSocialStudies, etc. I really wanted to see what it was all about.

The first thing that was different was that no one put in proposals for what they wanted to present on and no one had any "prepared" presentations. The morning of Edcampnc we all arrived at Poe Hall to see a list of times, room numbers, and blank sheets of paper on the wall. It didn't take very long for people to start writing things they wanted to learn on the blank sheets of paper. There were a lot of good ideas on the board, now what to choose?

I very much enjoyed the professional sharing that went on during the day. I was able to meet so many wonderful educators and catch up with others that I chat with on a regular basis in Skype and/or Twitter.  During each session I attended, I was so impressed by the discussions that were being held. In a regular conference, you don't necessarily get to have conversations during the presentation. At an unconference, it is much more laid back and everyone who wants to can voice what they think or how they do something with their students.

I created a list in my Diigo account of resources that were shared at various sessions and on Today's Meet from EdcampNC.

I had such a good time at EdcampNC. I can't wait until next year!

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