Monday, March 5, 2012

I heard about a great new site from Free Technology for Teachers via Richard Byrne. It is called Wordia. Be sure to watch the video on Richard's blog for an introduction to Wordia.

One of the most important things that I learned about Wordia is that it is free! There are also games, videos, and definitions of vocabulary. Not only are students learning vocabulary through games, but they can also upload videos of themselves telling the meaning of the vocabulary words. Teachers and students can create their own games and upload their own vocabulary words to Wordia. Students do not need email addresses in order to get into Wordia.

Once a teacher registers for Wordia (make sure to use your school email address), the teacher can then confirm their account then they can create their class. Click on "My Wordia" in order to create a class and add students. After creating the class, teachers can then create student accounts. Teachers can assign the username and password for their students, then they can print out the spreadsheet. 

In playing some of the games, students are learning vocabulary words, and they are also learning keyboarding skills.

To build a game is very easy. Make sure you have your vocabulary words ready (at least 10). Click on the blue button in the middle of the home screen (Build a Game Click Here).  Click the Start button, type in your vocabulary words, click Next. Fill in the subject area, age range, and then name your game. Click Next. There are 2 types of games to choose from, click Next. Customize the game, click Next. Type in a playcode (this will go to students), click Next. You can copy the URL code and playcode and give to students so that they can log into Wordia and play your new game. Remember, both teachers and students can create their own games in Wordia.

Why not check out Wordia? I think you will be glad you did.

Wordia requires the latest version of Flash and JavaScripts enabled. 


Jackie said...

This sounds like a great resource. I used to teach, but now homeschool my daughter. I am going to check it out to see if homeschoolers can also use the site.

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie, a blogging homeschool Mom who believes the way to get ahead is to build vocabulary skills.

Dorene Bates said...
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Dorene Bates said...

Jackie, You are welcome. I know Wordia can be used at home by students. I hope you are able to use it.