Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Civil Rights Movement

Bus that started civil rights movement

Last year Melissa Edwards and I blogged about resources for Black History Month. You can find her blog here, and my blog here. This year, I had a 4th grade teacher ask for resources for the Civil Rights Movement. Here are some of my favorites from what I found.

What is a Civil Right? This is from one of my favorite sites Wonderopolis. This wonder of the day talks about Dr. Martin Luther King, what a civil right is, and has vocabulary words to go with this lesson.

Freedom Songs. This is an extension lesson from the above wonder at Wonderopolis. There are vocabulary words, students can listen to the songs that were sung at lunch counters, and view artifacts from the Civil Rights movement.

Who Was Dr. Martin Luther King? This is another wonder of the day. Learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King and what he did for the Civil Rights movement. A cool science lesson to go with this wonder is Groups We Belong To. This talks about groups we were born into and groups that we can join.

Here is a list from EDSITEment on Black History Month Resources. By scrolling almost to the bottom of the page, you will find a list of Civil Rights lesson plans.

We are the Freedom Riders. This is a lesson plan from ArtsEdge. Find out what singing did for the people who were marching for Civil Rights.

We Shall Overcome. This is a listing of historic places of the Civil Rights Movement.

Here are other links for Civil Rights Museums and web pages for kids that you might find useful:

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International Civil Rights Center and Museum:
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The Civil Rights Movement:
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Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement:
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The Civil Rights Movement in American Literature:

Image: 'the bus that started the civil rights movement'

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