Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Special Characters in IWB software

This morning I was at a school and watching some very talented teachers working on their IWB's. One of the teachers had a math problem on the screen and the problem was talking about the temperature of water. She didn't have a degree symbol, and I started to think about how to get one into her software. So, I sat down to investigate. 

I am not sure if everyone knows about the character map tool that is in Windows. If you click on Start, Program Files, Accessories, System Tools, you should see the character map. This character map allows you to insert special characters into the different software packages. I went to the character map and found the degree symbol. I can copy and paste the degree symbol, or I can use the Keystrokes (Alt + 0176). This simply means that I can press and hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and then type the numbers 0176.

Now that I have it in my IWB software, do I have to follow the same steps every time I want to add another degree symbol? I am glad you asked that question. No, you do not have to follow all the steps. I can add the degree symbol to my Gallery (for SMART) or to my Resources (for Promethean). All I have to do is drag it to My Content (which is SMART) and My Resources (which is Promethean). Once in those places, I have to option of naming it to Degree Symbol. I have this symbol at my fingertips whenever I need it. Cool, huh!

Anytime you need to add new symbols, why not try using the Character Map.

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