Thursday, July 7, 2011

Understanding Copyright, Fair Use And Creative Commons

Earlier this month I did a workshop for teachers from across the district on understanding copyright, fair use and Creative Commons. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding copyright; what it is and what it isn't; what we can use in the classroom and more importantly, what we can not. There is a lot of information out there, much of confusing so what I hoped to do was show how to avoid copyright rules all together and use Creative Commons resources instead.

First, watch this video about Copyright and Fair Use. Notice how it was made and the questions it asks.

Here is the presentation that I created with some definitions and some interpretation of what can be used and what can't in the classroom.

You can also check out all the resources in this Livebinder I created for the presentation. In it you will find information about what Creative Commons is and how we can use it in the classroom. I also compiled websites to find copyright free audio, video and images for use in student and teacher projects.

So take some time and learn about copyright, fair use and creative commons for use both in and out of the classroom. 


Bethany Smith said...

I was really impressed with Renee Hobbes' work on Copyright at ISTE. Her website has some great resources and I have enjoyed her book, "Copyright Clarity." It has really forced me to change the way I think about Copyright.

Steven W. Anderson said...

Thanks for the great resource Bethany!