Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things I Found ....

I wanted to share some of the things that I found recently when looking a the netTrekker blog:
  • Even though the title of this post mentions netTrekker being a good resource for future teachers, I think many of the ideas presented are great for all teachers regardless of experience level: Five Uses for netTrekker as a Future Teacher. In that post, Rachel shares so many great ideas that I want to just copy them all to share with you, but since that would be a copyright violation, I will just strongly encourage you to go check out her very helpful blog post!
  • In this post, Mary shares comments from parents concerning differences in using Google searches and the safe searches done netTrekker: “why would I use Google when this is so much better for our students?”
  • In his post, Joe mentions ways netTrekker searches can fit with various learning styles. Could that be something else we could use for differentiated and personal learning to better meet the needs of our students?
Another interesting thing that I found on the netTrekker Blog was a Featured Site of the Day. There you can find links and descriptions of sites that can be used with students to engage and encourage learning. There is even an archive available so if you miss any of them, you can go back and search. The archive would also be a good place to look for ideas for various sites to use for certain topics.

You can also find links to blogs written by educators and links to blogs of netTrekker's partner sites.

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