Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How do you share book info and activities?

Do you ever assign projects and activities to go along with the books your students read in class?

Do you ever share information about the author of those book?

What about projects other students have done related to that book?

I enjoyed sharing that type of information with students when we were working with a book. I think knowing the background information and seeing how the book was interpreted by others adds to the comprehension ability.

I did have trouble deciding how to share all that information. At times, we used journals, posters, powerpoint presentations, and even 3-ring binders. If I had new things to add or needed to make changes to what was there already, then I ran into issues. Then I started just adding links to a webpage or a wiki (but that did not look very nice ... or as nice and colorful as I wanted it to).

I found that with GlogsterEDU, I could pull all of my ideas and links together in a creative and colorful way. There is a free teacher account available. Below is an example of a project page I used with my students. The pink circles that show up on some pieces are links.

I was able to add a video from SchoolTube that I found. I added links to information from the publisher about the story elements. I added instructions and links to activities for the students to choose to complete. I added background information on the author and the setting. I feel like I was able to pull things together using this type of presentation. GlogsterEDU was just the tool that I used for this project. There are many other great ones you could use to pull together the information you want to share.

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