Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Explore Books in 60 Seconds!

Instead of "boring" text-based book reviews, 60second Recap offers teens engaging book summaries in 60 second video segments. Why 60 seconds? If you only have 60 seconds to get your point across, you have to think about whats essential and relevant for the reader to know. The Recaps provide a great way to generate class discussions about books and various literary concepts. What makes 60second Recap valuable?

  • The videos are relevant, engaging, and to the point! (60 seconds or less)
  • The Recaps deepen the meaning of a story in a way the reader can understand
  • Videos segments are broken down into categories making it easier to find what you are looking for (an overview, plot, theme, motif, symbols, etc.)
  • Their library offers a lengthy collection (including some of my favorites like Night and Animal Farm) to teachers and students
  • There is a video gallery to help students understand complex literary terms like allegory, satire, motif, and many others
  • Their "Recap Resource" provides writing resources like "How to write a paper that won't put your teacher to sleep..."
While you are enjoying your summer, take 60 seconds to explore a new book or refresh yourself on a classic. 60second Recap is worth a look!

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