Friday, June 24, 2011

Working with Words on the Web

On June 20th, as part of the grand finale of technology training for this past school year, I was able to share lots of resources that would help teachers teach and work with vocabulary from their curriculum. The web was our playground where we used different websites to connect the technology standards and objectives for both teachers and students.

I used my Vocabulary Teaching Tools livebinder to introduce the websites, tools, lesson plans and activities. This resource can be accessed either at school or home by going to our WSFCS wiki. You don't have to join the wiki to use any of the resources.

After going through several of the sites, explaining the benefits and how to use them, everyone went into the livebinder to create activities from the free websites and find more lessons that would help them teach vocabulary from any subject area. All but a couple of the sites were free and only needed to have a login created. Then the product could be saved, printed and used later. Two biggest advantages to the sites were that they were interactive and very visual. A definite plus for increasing student interest.

As I circulated around the room I heard lots of great comments on how they were going to use the sites in their classrooms, some oohs and aahhs, and a few said, "Boy! Wish I'd had known about these earlier in the year." I also have a    available that lists some of my favorite sites and tools that you might find useful.

The online tools will be updated regularly because everything changes so quickly on the web and new resources are made available. I have a few of my favorites, but would love to hear which ones you like to use.

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