Friday, June 3, 2011

Web Poster Wizard

I came across a really neat site this morning. It is called Web Poster Wizard and it is from (you remember this website don't you? This is where you can access a lot of different tools like QuizStar, RubiStar, Academic Skill Builders, and several more tools). By the way, did I mention these were free? Anyway, I am only going to talk about Web Poster Wizard in this post. 

Web Poster Wizard allows teachers to create worksheets, posters, etc. online. That's right, you don't have to use any hard drive or network space for these worksheets and posters! Teachers will need to register (for free!) the first time they use the site. Once you have registered, login and click on Teacher. This opens the Class Manager where you can add your class to your account. Once you have added your class, you can add another class, rename a class, or get started created a lesson or worksheet. Under Existing Classes, click on Manage.
When you click on Manage, you have the opportunity to create a worksheet. They recommend that you have everything planned out and all your links ready before you start. On the front page there is a sample worksheet and poster that you can look at.

For students to log in and see your worksheet, they will need to go to the Web Poster Wizard main page and scroll down to find "Search for Posters and Worksheets". Students can search by Teacher Name, Poster ID (if they have created their own poster), etc. After viewing the teacher worksheet to find out what they need to do, they can go back to the home page and click on "Create a New Poster". They will type their name, their teacher's name (this name should be whatever you put in for your personal information), the class code, and  create a password for themselves. This will then take them to start creating their poster. After they initially create the poster and click on finish, a page opens where they can print out the poster id, the poster url, and view the poster. Then if students want to edit the poster on the home page where it says Student Login, they type their poster id and the password.

Teachers can view the student posters by logging into Web Poster Wizard, clicking on Manage, click on Manage Posters and the list of posters should be listed. Teachers can edit or delete their worksheets and students can go back and edit their posters.

Why not try this free Web Poster Wizard out! It looks like a fun way to have students create reports.

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