Monday, June 13, 2011

SlideRocket - A Great Presentation Tool

Ever look at your presentations and think there may be something missing? Chances are you've been there. I know I have. I'm not a design expert by any means, but thankfully I don't have to be since a teacher friend of mine introduced me to SlideRocket. SlideRocket is a free presentation platform that makes creating engaging presentations simple. Over the course of the past few weeks I've been using it more and more. Now it's my first choice when it comes to creating presentations. Each time I use it, I end up discovering a new useful feature.

Need a starting point? SlideRocket allows users to copy presentations from their "Get Inspired" gallery as a starting point for their own presentations. This was, and continues to be, a valuable feature for me. Not only did it save me time (since I didn't have to create a presentation from scratch), it also taught me different tips and tricks for making my slides really pop! Other noteworthy features that stood out were...

  • The user friendly editing tools
  • The ability to collaborate with others
  • Finding pictures was simple since it only searches photos that are available under a Creative Commons license (via Flickr). This is a huge time saver in itself!
  • Save time by copying other SlideRocket presentations from the "Get Inspired" gallery
  • Import presentations from PowerPoint/Google Docs with the click of a button
  • Add YouTube videos directly into your presentation by copying and pasting the URL

Aside from SlideRocket being a great presentation tool, it's also important to take into consideration what makes an effective presentation.
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For addition tools/resources, check out "Presentations with a Punch!" by Melissa Edwards (@mwedwards)


Scott Armstrong said...

Mandy, I started using SlideRocket while teaching for NCVPS last year. I really enjoyed using it, and it's got even better! Make sure to check out the stock quote and Twitter widgets--you can see realtime updates!

Mandy Durrence said...

Thank you for sharing Scott! Did you see the presentations in the gallery?