Thursday, June 16, 2011

NCVPS Blackboard Upgrade Compatibility Issues

North Carolina Virtual Public School has updated the Blackboard system they use to 9.1. However, they have learned of a few incompatibility issues. These issues occur when students use Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9. Students will experience issues with content not being viewable, not being able to participate in assessments, or uploading assignment files into the system. Internet Explorer can be modified to be more compatible by using IE in the compatibility mode. However, the best suited browser for Blackboard 9.1 is Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher. Make sure your versions of Flash and Java are up to date. Also make sure your browser history and internet cache is cleared prior to the logging into Blackboard. Depending on your version of Internet Explorer, follow the list of instructions I have out lined below.

Setting IE to work in the compatibility mode.

• Open Internet Explore and log into Blackboard.

• Click the tools menu option at the top of the page.

• Select the "compatibility view" option from the "tools" drop-down menu.

• Allow the page to reload.

Clearing the internet browser history and cache.

• Go to the "tools" drop-down menu.

• Select "delete browsing history."

• Click “delete all”.

• Check “also delete files and settings stored by add-ons” and click yes.

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