Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is a Teacher Lock?

Did you know that in ActivInspire you can lock down your flipchart page? No, well guess what... you have the option to do that. If we have it how do we use it. Very easily, from the main toolbar at the top of the window select Tools then More Tools... and once you are there you will select Teacher Lock which the second to last option on the menu list. You can also access the Teacher Lock from the ActivInspire Toolbox by first clicking on the Menu button then select Tools --> More Tools... and Teacher Lock.

Now that you know how to turn Teacher Lock on, what is it? Basically the lock allows you to make it so that you cannot leave the ActivInspire software to go to another desktop application or to save a modified flipchart. It will disengage many of the quick key features and tools that you normally have access to.

Now you have to ask So What? Why would I turn this on. Well think of it this way, if you have created this wonderful flipchart that has your students interacting with it and collaborating with other students. Do you want the student to accidentally overwrite the original version of the flipchart? You would hope that you have an original copy but sometimes you do not, things happen. Lets also say that you have your students using ActivInspire on the Promethean Board as a station during class time. Would you want the students to have the opportunity to go and see your email, personal documents, or go to websites that you did not preset for them. The Teacher Lock gives you the security that things like what I have just talked about do not happen when your students are working with ActivInspire as a station or individually.

Lastly I do have to mention that there is a password that you have set so that when you want to go and use your computer again regularly you can. When you click the option you get a password box that pops up in the middle of the screen. Just pick a simple password that you can remember. So go on and try it out see if you like and if it is something that you can incorporate into your daily instruction.

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