Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is a Graphic Novel?

Graphic novels are expressed through many frames of pictures and words. They are similar to comic books in appearance but have the depth of novels. Graphic novels are important to introduce students to for many reasons. Students are given opportunities to analyze many forms of literature. Some of these are poetry, fiction, and non fiction. Students who may not respond well to some literature might love graphic novels.

On a blog post concerning Graphic Novels on the Big Universe Blog, this comment was made providing another possible resource:

I am a creator of an online webcomic/graphic novel that is published on the web and available to read for free. It is an adventure story about ancient Egypt, and is appropriate for readers of all ages, but is probably best for middle-grade readers. I want to encourage all teachers and librarians to check it out! It’s an ongoing story, and is updated once a week.

Please visit http://www.rocketrobinson.com and check it out!


Sean O’Neill

Added Later:

I sent out a message on twitter (a tweet) about this blog post and the link here. Adrian Bruce (@adrianbruce) on twitter sent me a link to a Macbeth Graphic Novel. When I looked at his twitter profile, I saw a link to his website where I found some free educational resources including resources for reading and math as well as motivational posters and much more.

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Marlo Gaddis said...

I like Adrian Bruce's site. Lots of great resources for teachers. Thanks for sharing this!