Friday, April 8, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

In a bit of irony Steven (@web20classroom) was talking to me the other day about creating some short video tech tips that we can post and share out with the district. I said that I thought it would be a great idea. Little did I know that I would be the guinea pig in this project. Although I have plenty of years standing in front of small groups of 15 to 30 people with as many as 75 sometimes, this is something that would probably go out to many more people and would increase my digital foot print immensely. Thus causing me more anxiety than I previously thought, but I digress.

So I stressed a little bit about doing it and reluctantly said that I would dive in and be the first person to share a tech tip. So what was the topic going to be? Why not using Document Cameras with Skype. It is something that I have passion for and have learned a lot about, so I said yes lets create the video. Now the stress level kicked in. What if I mess up, or don't talk loud enough, maybe I will butcher the steps to set things up and ruined things for some people to set up their doc cam as a webcam for Skype.

Finally today hit and it was down to the wire and we needed to get going on creating the video. I mulled around for a while and finally got cornered and it was time to start filming. Surprisingly enough things went very well and we got the tech tip in on one take. So how do I feel about it, I feel great about it and will definitely do it again, so look out for more videos from not only me and @web20classroom but from the rest of the crew here at WS/FC DIT Department.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the link to the video for our first WSFCS DIT tech tip.


Dance Cookie said...

Steven, thanks for this! You made the information useful for anyone. I am going to use this before the end of the school year now that I see how simple it is! Now, to find someone to Skype with...

Scott Armstrong said...

Hey, guys,

Thanks for taking the initiative with this! I look forward to your future videos--are we going to have buy a subscription? ;)

eherreid said...

Hello Dance Cookie,

I am glad that you found the video helpful. I have done a lot of research into doc cam uses and Steven asked me to share a few of the tips online in video format. As for finding someone to Skype with, try out this resource from another friend of ours.

Thanks again for your comment