Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Teacher's Domain ...

... where is it and what is it?

I am not talking about a house, but a website. Teachers' Domain is a place where teachers can register for a free account and find all sorts of digital media for the classroom. Some of the resources that are featured are from: Nova, Nova Science Now, Cyberchase, Read Between the Lions, American Experience, and more. There is a What's New section, Featured Resources section, Special Collections, and you can browse by subject area. Teachers' Domain does offer professional development for a cost and it is through PBS Teacherline.

One of the areas that I looked at was English Language Arts. Two subject areas opened up: Reading and Viewing and Writing and Speaking. I chose to go into Reading and Viewing. There are over 300 resources in the Reading and Viewing section. There are lessons available, videos, interactive games, online books, and many more resources available to teachers. 

I looked at the first lesson that was on the list, Tiktaalik: A Fish Out of Water.  This is a student centered lesson, meaning that you can take the students to the computer lab, use a laptop cart, or computer in your classroom to have students do this self-paced lesson. There is a teacher guide that teachers can print out to see what students should learn in the lesson, vocabulary words, assessment ideas, strategies of the lesson, a summary of the lesson, and more. Teachers can also view the state standards that are met by delivering this lesson.

This is a great resource for teachers to put into their toolbox. All of the resources that I visited are free. I also think these would look great projected to an IWB for whole class instruction. If you haven't visited Teachers' Domain before, why don't you go and check it out. Registration is free.

Image is from: Teachers' Domain, Tiktaalik: A Fish Out of Water, published December 13, 2010, retrieved on April 21, 2011,


Maria said...

This is all new to me thanks for the article :) I will have to look at this over the summer-:)

Dorene Bates said...

Thanks. I keep forgetting about this site and it really has some great things in it.