Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Talk Shapes ...

...Shapes Tool for ActivInspire

I really like the Shapes tool in ActivInspire. There are so many things you can do with it besides just drawing shapes. You can create over 40 different shapes using the shapes toolbar. Click on the Shape Tool, then click on the double arrow at the bottom of the shape toolbar to see more shapes and lines. To add color to your shape, choose one of the colors in the color box above the shapes (the one highlighted in blue). To change the color of your outside line of the shape, select a color from the color box on the regular toolbar (the one highlighted in red).

When you click on a shape, a toolbar opens up. With this toolbar, you can move and rotate the shape. The 4th button in (looks like a sun), allows you to set the transparency of the shape. The button that looks like 2 pieces of paper lets you duplicate your shape. The next 2 buttons that look like stars increases and decreases the size of your shape. The last button changes the shape. The one below has rounded corners, by clicking on the last button I can change the shape to a round shape or square shape. Once you click on that button, 2 small yellow boxes appear. Click on the yellow boxes to change the shape or change which way the bubble points. If I choose one of the star shapes, the small yellow box that appears allows me to change the star; expand the points, change the type of the shape, etc.


eherreid said...

Great post Dorene, you are really picking things up fast.
I have one other thing that you can add to your post and that is after you have created your shape you can drag it to the Toolbar and make it a User Defined Button. What this allows you to do is to just click on it and the shape appears on the flipchart page without going through any additional formatting after you draw it using the Shape Tool

Dorene Bates said...

Thanks. I will have to find out how to do that and write about it.