Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Mean I Have to Clean My Interactive White Board?

'Using the SMARTBoard in Room 14 - 25'
by: Jess McCulloch
Think of all those fingerprints that you see on your Interactive White Board. How do you clean them? It really doesn't matter what type of IWB you have, they clean pretty much the same way.

SMART Boards: According to  SMART Technologies, do not use anything abrasive to clean the board. This includes Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Mr. Clean Wipes (this is also true for the Promethean ActivBoards). Here is a link to SMART's Article on not using abrasives. On the SMART Board Interactive FAQ section, there is a paragraph about removing permanent ink from a SMART Board.

How can I remove permanent ink from a SMART Board interactive whiteboard?

You can use a cleaner such as Expo Board Doctor or, if you have dry-erase markers (but not non-scented markers), you can cover the permanent ink with the ink from a dry-erase marker, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel. If any trace of the original permanent ink remains, spray a cloth with standard glass or whiteboard cleaner and wipe the area clean.

I personally do not recommend writing over permanent ink with ink from a dry-erase marker. Try using Expo Marker Cleaner or Windex. Make sure to spray the cleaner on a soft cloth, not directly on the board.

Promethean ActivBoards: It is recommended that teachers use baby wipes or a damp washcloth for basic cleaning of the board. Make sure the baby wipes are not saturated in liquid. If permanent markers or dry erase is used on the board, clean with Expo Marker Cleaner or Windex. Make sure to spray on the soft cloth and not directly on the board. Here is an image of the flipchart that was recently shown to teachers learning about ActivInspire and ActivBoards.

Be careful about using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser too hard or too much. It could put a shiny spot on your ActivBoard.

Remember, keep your board clean and germ free!


Sam Jephson said...

For me, using microfiber cloth can greatly help clean the IWB without damaging it. Microfiber cloth is safe to use on sensitive surfaces such as those of IWBs because it is capable of absorbing grease, and its electrostatic properties highly attract dust. But be careful, as microfiber cloth can damage the surface if it picks up grit during use.

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