Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do You Know Why School Buses Are Yellow?

On my blog, I have a widget from Wonderopolis called Wonder of the Day. On the Wonderopolis homepage, I noticed that there are categories in the sidebar listing everything from Animals to Fairy Tales to History to Nutrition to Seasons to Transportation to Writing (archived Wonders of the Day). I decided to see what was in the Colors category ...

When the Colors category opened up, there is a big picture of a School Bus with the caption: Take a ride with Wonderopolis as we discover how school buses got their signature color.

What a fun topic to learn about! My 4 year old loves to see School Buses. She starts school in August and keeps telling me that she wants to ride a School Bus. We'll see. :)

On this Wonderopolis page, there is a video (Liv's First Day of Kindergarten). There are also some questions to capture the reader's attention:

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why are school buses yellow?
  • Is “school bus yellow” a real color?
  • What is the most attention-grabbing color?
Following those questions is a Did You Know? section with lots of fun facts about the color "school bus yellow" and how it captures attention. I learned the "school bus yellow" is not a pure yellow or a pure orange but a mix of the two. I learned something today!

There is a Try it Out! section as well as Wonder words to know and use on the page. There are so many ways parents and teachers can use the wealth of ideas here to have a discussion or even just to spark an interest. There is even a link to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History's interactive.

At the end of this Wonder, there is a clue about the Wonder of the Day for the next day ...

So much great stuff!

I shared the Wonderopolis site as an example of one thing a teacher could do to use some online tools and sites to help Build Literacy in the Classroom. Think of all the reading and writing that simple ideas can serve as starters for ....

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