Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you feeling some EDSITEment?

For a new blog post, I decided to go find something I had not really looked at and explored before. That search led me to EDSITEment: The best of the humanities on the web. Maybe I should figure out what that means ...

A quick glance at the EDSITEment homepage tells me that I can find lesson plans, websites, and student resources. You can also find great calendar information on the homepage (today there is a historical fact and a lesson to go along with it). There is also a Best of the Web area providing informative sites for teachers and students to check out. At the bottom of the homepage, you can find that EDSITEment is connected to Thinkfinity bringing together even more free lesson plans and resources.

So the first area I decided to look at was the lesson plans. I am pretty impressed with the variety of subject areas covered as listed here:

Explore our library of humanities lesson plans by subject, theme, and grade level. Find Art & Culture lessons on anthropology, art history, folklore, mythology, religion, and more World Language lessons on languages and the cultures of which they are a part; History & Social Studies lessons on American (including our popular AP U.S. History index) and World History, civics, government and society; and Literature & Language Arts lessons on great writing and great literary works throughout the ages. (from EDSITEment website)

You are able to do a keyword subject search. If you do an advanced search, you can limit the grade level, subject, and/or resource type. I also discovered that when you do an advanced search, the results will also list resources from the National Endowment for the Humanities as well as resources from Verizon Thinkfinity.

I just clicked on the Calendar link at the top of the page ... there are also links to NEH Connections, Reference Shelf, and an area called After School (I saw an area on History in Household Objects ... might have to go check that one out).

Oh there are so many great resources on EDSITEment, I think I am going to have to do more than one blog post to cover them ...

Ok now I am feeling some excitement (or should I say EDSITement) about my future blog posts ... who know what I'll find? When you go check out the EDSITEment resources, please let me know what you find and think will be the most useful for you!

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