Monday, February 7, 2011

News from Learn360

I received some information from Learn360 about things that have been added to their site, so I thought I would share them:

Notable News:

There can never be too much quality content, so we're continually adding more titles and producers to the site! Here's what's new this month:
  • Sunburst Visual Media: It's official. Sunburst's award-winning health and guidance and professional development programming content is now exclusive toLearn360! Their realistic and engaging content is well suited for life skills, counseling, guidance and health education curriculums. Find these only on our site!
  • National Geographic: We've added more of your favorite National Geographic series to Learn360, including "Amazing Planet", "Africa Extreme","Animal Genius" and "Strange Days on Planet Earth". But that's not all!
  • Rising Star Education: "Auto B Good" is an Emmy-winning series geared toward K-6 students and is amongst one of the favorites for elementary teachers. Search and watch them.
  • Genuine Pictures, Inc.: This award-winning and independent producer offers high-quality, relevant programs ranging from geography to musical documentaries. They have it all, and now we do, too!
  • Worldwide Academic Media: Another producer with unique titles and feature films is now available to you! Their series include "Extreme Environments"and "Famous People in World History & Culture", to name a couple. But that's not all, so be sure to check them out.
Things that might be helpful for the month of February:
  • Valentines Day (February 14): Get out more than just flowers and a box of chocolate; Valentines day can be a great time to teach students about the history of the holiday while you pass out candy hearts in class. Go search to see what results generate for the keywords "Valentines Day".
  • Presidents Day (February 21): With our new content additions, teachers can provide students with information on each of our 44 presidents throughout the History of the United States! Search and see what results come up for, "United States Presidents".

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