Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Educational Gadgets

Need some new ideas to motivate your students? There are lots of gadgets available for teachers to enhance the learning experience for all students. What’s a gadget? They are free, online tools that make teaching easier. Here's a list of several websites worth checking out for free gadgets:

Kathy Schrock’s Digital Gadgets

Online Web Gadgets

Let’s look at a few gadgets listed at Education World
  1. MotivatorStudents create a motivational-style poster or teachers can use the posters in handouts or multimedia presentations.
  2. MindomoCollaborative mind mapping for projects, tutorials, problem solving or presentations
  3. Maps of War
    Interactive maps that can show several thousand years of history in about 90 seconds

Check out the Gadget Archive listed in Education World to find gadgets for your students.

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