Monday, January 10, 2011

Pulling Words, Sentences, Names Out of a Hat

In SMART Notebook in the Lesson Activity Toolkit there are many activities that you can use to make your lesson more interactive with students. Here is one that you can create yourself. I call it the Magic Top Hat. With the Magic Top Hat, I can pull out sentence starters, student names, math problems, or anything else that will fit "in" the hat.

To create the Magic Top Hat, first open SMART Notebook. Click on the Gallery tab and type "hat" in the search box. Scroll down the pictures until you see the "Hat - Top Hat" icon and drag it onto your notebook page. Click on the hat object and then click on the green circle at the top of the object and rotate the hat until it is upside down. Make the hat as big as you want it to be by dragging the re-size handle. Next, type in student names, vocabulary words, sentence starters, or whatever you want to put "in" the hat. After typing in the words or numbers you plan on using, you will need to make the font color the same as the hat color.

To change the color of the font to the exact color of the hat, you will need to use the eye dropper in the edit text box. Double click on your text to open the edit text box. Highlight your text, click on the black square (font color), click on the eye dropper, and then click in the area of the hat that you want the font to match. Make sure the size of your font is not bigger than the size of the hat (so that all of the text fits "into" the hat).

Lock the hat in place so that it doesn't move when you pull text out of the hat. Move all the text  "into" the hat (actually they are sitting on top of the hat, but since the font is the same color as the hat, the words disappear on the hat). You can now click on the hat and magically pull the text out of the hat!

Video created using my computer, SMART Notebook and Jing.
Image from SMART Notebook Gallery.

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