Sunday, January 23, 2011

Connecting Technology and Multiple Intelligences

I am a firm believer in the ways student learning relates to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. In my mind: All students can learn ... that learning takes place in different ways and is expressed in different ways. When in the classroom, I tried to create lessons to go along with the ideas of Multiple Intelligences. I now work each day to help teachers find ways to utilize technology for student instruction and learning. I have recently started thinking about the ways those two things (Multiple Intelligences and Technology in the Classroom) can go together.

I have started gathering articles and websites about connecting technology and Multiple Intelligence. I have not yet decided on the best ways for me to connect these area, but here are some of the resources I have found (the first few are articles and/or research papers that can be difficult to read through ... sorry ... I like those):
"Technology can be used to facilitate learning in each intelligence area.There is no "right way" to integrate intelligences or technology into the classroom. The key is to provide the most effective learning environment for students, remembering that we all learn in different ways." from MI & Technology

If you have other resources and/or ideas on this topic, I would love for you to share them with me. Maybe we can work together to figure out ways these areas can work together.

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