Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open the Gift of Information Each Day!

Kelly Hines and Kelly Tenkely are two of my favorite people to learn from. Kelly Hines is a teacher here in North Carolina. The first time we met in person, she just plopped down beside me and started a conversation. Kelly and I had "met" online before (Twitter and Skype). We even got together a few weeks ago for pizza! She has a great blog, Keeping Kids First, and is very involved with the Discovery Education NC group. Kelly Tenkely is someone I have not met in person (yet anyway ... I hope to). She writes an outstanding blog sharing technology resources and how to use them in the classroom called Kelly and I have gotten to know each other through our blogs and twitter.

So, why am I am telling you about two ladies named Kelly?

Today Kelly Hines shared a link to a Web 2.0 Advent Calendar that will let you know about 25 Technology Tools this month. The calendar that she shared was created by ... Kelly Tenkely.

Kelly Tenkely wrote a blog post about 14 Online Interactive Advent Calendars and shared some good ideas on ways to possibly use them in a classroom. She went a step further and created a Web 2.0 Advent Calendar that would be great to share with others as well as to use to find out about so many neat technology tools. On the blog post linked above, Kelly shares information about how she created this, other ways this could be created, and we get to find out about 25 of her favorite web 2.0 tools for the classroom!

You will get to open the gift of information each day!

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Thanks so much for sharing my calendar. I hope we get to meet in person one day, I would love that!