Friday, December 10, 2010

Learn360 and Interactive White Boards

You have created a lesson in SMART Notebook or ActivInspire and you have found the perfect video clip in Learn360 to enhance your lesson. What do you do with it? In Learn360, change the format of your video to Flash by clicking on the "Switch to Flash" button under Formats. Once the format has changed, click the Download button to download the whole video or a segment of the video. Click Save and choose where to save the video. Always remember where you saved the file.

Open SMART Notebook or ActivInspire (whichever you use). If you are in Notebook, click on Insert and choose Flash Video File. If you are in ActivInspire, click on Insert and choose Media. Find where you saved the video and click on it. This inserts the video directly into your SMART Notebook or ActivInspire Flipchart. You can resize the video by selecting the video and using the resize handles.

This allows you to then save your notebook or flipchart with the video inside of it. You do not have to keep the video you downloaded on your computer after inserting it. When you are sharing your notebook or flipchart, the video goes with it and you do not have to send a separate copy of the video.

This works great. I hope you try it!

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