Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IWB Resources on Symbaloo

Below is a Symbaloo Webmix that I created for interactive white board resources. The orange buttons are for Promethean web links and the blue buttons are for SMART web links. Everything in pink or brown can be used on either software or board.

IWB Symbaloo Webmix

My IWB Symbaloo webmix has links to blogs and wikis from people that I follow through Twitter, Skype, or their Blogs. I added video tutorial links from Promethean and SMART's YouTube channels. There are links to lesson plans, interactives, games, and simulations that can be shown and played on the boards.

Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool that allows you to create a webmix (a webmix is a visual list of favorite web sites) of your favorite web sites and then share with other people. I really like Symbaloo because it is a visual image of my bookmarks. I use Diigo to save bookmarks, but with Symbaloo, I can organize by category. It helps me to better remember what I have saved in Diigo. I can share my webmixes with other people and I can add other people's webmixes to my webmix.

Some uses in the classroom would be if you were studying the Civil War, you could create a webmix of Civil War links and resources and share with your students. Of course, anything you were going to research, you could create a webmix and share with students. Other webmixes that could be created might be lesson plan resources, how to get math help, reading/literacy resources.

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