Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What are you teaching about this month?

You might find some helpful resources looking in the November Projects folder in netTrekker! Each month the people at netTrekker pull together resources for various topics or themes related to that month. Since all those resources are put in one place, that saves you time by not having to search for them. What is even better is that the folders for each month are still there, so you can pull resources and other ideas from past months as well.

This is from netTrekker about the resources for this month:
1. Election Day is around the corner. Do our students understand the roles of the political parties and what each one truly stand for?
2. Remember the fallen, remember the heroes. In this activity, students create a Glogster on the immportance of days such as Veterans Day in America or Remembrance Day in Canada.
3. "And in all things, give thanks." In this Thanksgiving unit, elementary students create their own story using Kerpoof about either the first Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving today.
4. The Great American Smoke Out is celebrated in the month of November. Use the resources in this folder to teach your students why smoking is an unhealthy choice, then have them create a poster campaign against smoking

The Monthly Projects folders can be found by looking in To find the Global Portfolio. To find that folder, you will need to be registered as a teacher on netTrekker (when you are automatically taken to netTrekker on school computers, you are in the student category .... you will need to obtain the registration and teacher codes for your school to make that change). On the sidebar there is an area called My Tools and in this box, you can find My Portfolio. Inside My Portfolio, you will be able to find Global: netTrekker Portfolio.

Inside the Global: netTrekker Portfolio, you will find several folders that may be of interest. The one at the bottom is the Tip Tuesdays Portfolio. Inside that portfolio you will find the Monthly Projects folder.

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