Monday, November 8, 2010

Web2.0 Science Tools

Now that we have started the second nine-weeks of school I thought it would be helpful to offer some useful resources in science for middle and high school teachers. This is just a short overview of the many sites included in this site. To view all the resources please go to: 

General Science
  1. Google Earth – use Google Earth to fly to places around the world. Check out the Showcase of tours and videos or the Gallery of images.
  2. Google Earth Lessons
  3. Science NetLinks – resources for K-12 science, standards-based Internet experiences for students. Check out the Lessons, Tools, Resources and Benchmarks.

  1. Get Body Smart – an online textbook about human anatomy and physiology. The site currently covers nine subject areas.
  2. Science & Nature: Interactive games to better understand the human anatomy
Astronomy & Space
  1. Hubblesite – explore astronomy from the Hubble, gallery of images, recent discoveries, and learning resources.
There are also resources for the following areas in science:
  1. Kids’ Space Sites
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Earth Science
  5. Physics

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