Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I found a neat classroom blog today with some great projects and pictures on it (I mentioned it in another blog post).

What is interesting though is the way that I found it. Where do you look for ideas and neat examples? I have places that I generally look, but I wasn't really looking this time, it just kinda found me ...
  • So it started with when Marlo Gaddis found and shared EDU Symbalo.
  • In EDU Symbaloo, there are collections of links and webmixes. EDU Teachers and EDU Tools are two of the ones automatically in your creation when you start.
  • While looking at all the sites linked to those webmixes, I came across another collection called TOOLS4teachers.
  • On TOOLS4teachers, one of the boxes has a title of Blooming Questions
  • That box took me to a Storybird Creation that uses questions to introduce Bloom's Taxonomy to children
  • I look and saw the creator of that Storybird is janeh271
  • So I went to twitter and searched to see if I could find janeh271
  • When I found that twittername, I saw this tweet: added new revolver map to blog, pls check in so we can add to our map and track in classroom!
  • So I clicked visited that blog to show up on the map
  • Little did I know what a great blog I would find!! There are all kinds of great web2.0 projects, pictures, and ideas on this blog.
  • I tweeted about her blog on twitter (she tweeted back thanking me for nice comments)
  • Then I wrote about her Storybird Creation on my blog about Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Janeh271 has now added to her blog also: Creativity ... a mixture of Teaching a Photography
  • And now I have written a blog post about how I found her great blog ...
Look at all the ways things are connected ...

You never know what you will find ... even when you aren't looking ...

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