Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inquiry-Based Projects for the Classroom

Inquiry-based projects provide students with authentic science experiences. Here are some suggestions for creating and using inquiry-based projects with your students.
  1. Action-Reaction blog – is it real or fake? Guided inquiry and student-centered learning to foster the development of critical thinking skills. Students may collaborate, be self-directed, communicate and analyze through inquiry-based projects. http://fnoschese.wordpress.com/
  2. Connecting News with National Science Education Standards blog encourages middle school teachers to use current science events as teaching opportunities. http://expertvoices.nsdl.org/connectingnews/
  3. Quantum Progress blog building metacognition curriculum for physics classes.
  4. Snapshot Science provides ideas and resources for biology, chemistry and physics teachers. http://snapshotscience.co.uk/
  5. WCYDWT – Science blog provides a collection of rich media that teachers can use as starting points for classroom inquiry. http://wcydwt.posterous.com/
To see all suggested websites please go to Edutopia:

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