Monday, November 15, 2010

Atomic Learning

There are several ways for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools employees to access Atomic Learning. Teachers can access Atomic Learning from Learning Village; all employees can access Atomic Learning from the WSFCS web page; or by typing in the web URL address ( To go to Atomic Learning from the WSFCS web page, click on Employees, click on Resources, click on Professional Development, and click on Atomic Learning.

If you have not used Atomic Learning before, a great idea is to read the Getting Started Guide and the "How to use Atomic Learning" video series. The Getting Started Guide tells you how to find an answer to tech questions by using a keyword or typing in search terms; you can browse the trainings that are available; view any favorites or trainings assigned to you. To view details under each section on the home page, click the plus button on the right hand side of each section.

The "How to Use Atomic Learning" link (in the lower right hand corner of the page) is a group of video tutorials on how to use Atomic Learning. Most of these videos are 2 minutes or less. If you have not used Atomic Learning before, these video tutorials are a great place to start. Section A lists how to use the Atomic Learning site. From understanding what you see on the screen, to how to set up your preferences. Section B features playing the video, viewing your playlist, sharing and adding to favorites. Section C will help you to navigate through your training series or projects, how to assign training to yourself, and how to add training to a web page. Section D is the "My Training" section and how to use it. Section E is the Assessment section. You can view the 21st century skills assessments, any past assessments or incomplete assessments you have. Section F is 21st Century Skills; view the series, projects, and a workbook. Section G has videos on Tech Integration Projects. Section H is the Extras section. Videos on how to use the video storytelling guide, the storyboard pro, and understanding e-mail notifications. These videos are a great help when you get stuck and need a quick answer.

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