Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One project multiple ways ...

When I was teaching Gifted Education, I had a Donors Choose project funded and received a class set of the From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. To go along with the novel, I created a Pageflakes full of student projects ideas and activities. Since I have been learning about various web 2.0 tools, I decided to recreate that pageflakes project using Glogster.(Pageflakes now also has advertisements of sponsored content boxes and you never know what might show up).
So while recreating, I found some things I liked better in each tool. I like how you can link certain words in each section in pageflakes, but in Glogster you can only link each text box instead of individual words. Pageflakes does allow me to embed html code, so I could embed the voicethread instead of just linking to it, which I had to do in Glogster. I was able to get a video from SchoolTube and could upload a video that I had downloaded to my computer in Glogster, but some of the videos I may want to use are embeddable but not downloadable, so that could create a problem. I like the backgrounds and graphics available from Glogster. I like how I can layer pieces with Glogster. I can embed the glogs I create into my blog and wiki to share them. I do have the option to share both pageflakes and glogster glogs by sharing a link. I also worked a little bit on creating a glog for this project in EduGlogster. Right now there are some design features available on Glogster that are not in EduGlogster. EduGlogster does allow glogs to be made private, student accounts to created, and template sharing.

Here is the Pageflakes creation: http://www.pageflakes.com/mwedwards/26623315
Here is the EduGlogster creation: http://mwedwards01.edu.glogster.com/from-the-mixed-up-files/
Here is the Glogster creation: http://mwedwards.glogster.com/mrs-basil-e-frankweiler/

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