Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Themes in netTrekker

I just discovered another great piece offered by netTrekker! On Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 EST, they have 15-20 minute presentations called Tip Tuesdays. Since I am not always (or at all) free at that time of day, I was very excited to find the recordings of those sessions available on the netTrekker Village I viewed 2 sessions earlier today and have so many great ideas to share!

One of the things I learned about today was the Global: netTrekker Portfolio which was created to share best practices, ideas, and examples with users. To find the Global Portfolio, you will need to be a teacher on netTrekker (when you are automatically taken to netTrekker on school computers, you are in the student category .... you will need to obtain the teacher code for your school to make that change). On the sidebar there is an area called My Tools and in this box, you can find My Portfolio. Inside My Portfolio, you will be able to find Global: netTrekker Portfolio.
Inside the Global: netTrekker Portfolio, you will find several folders that may be of interest. Please feel free to view information in any of these folders (I may blog about those individually later). The one at the bottom is the Tip Tuesdays Portfolio. Whenever there is information to go along with the Tip Tuesday sessions, it is placed in this folder, so if you are like me and can't make the live sessions, you can view the archive and get the materials in this folder.
The one I learned about today can be found in the Monthly Themes folder. Folders in this section are used to group together resources that may apply to some of the themes for that particular month.

For the month of October, there are resources available related to:
  • National Learning Disabilities Month
  • Lief Erikkson Month
  • Halloween
  • International Non-Violence Day
  • Christopher Columbus Day
If you like these materials and/or folders, you have the option of copying them into your portfolio (you have to be signed in to do this). Once you copy materials into your portfolio, you can add other resources to the folder or even use the layout and insert your own project.

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Terry said...

Melissa; I had the opportunity to view selections from the archive of presentations called Tip Tuesdays. As you stated, I too am not always free at that time of day. The availability of the archives allows me to virtually attend these sessions and glean information that I would otherwise miss. Thanks for the heads up!