Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking for a project ....

Love, love, love the resource, Google Templates for Student Projects shared by Steven Anderson (@web20classroom on twitter) this morning. There are so many great graphic organizers and project templates that can be used to promote and practice critical and creative thinking skills.
Here are a few of the ones that caught my attention:
  • History Quilt Square (great Social Studies project but could also be used in other areas)
  • Timeline Template (either use for creating timeline of own life or a historical figure)
  • Daily Calendar Time (my 4 year old's favorite job at preschool is the Weather Helper so this one jumped out at me)
  • Today's Temperature (keep track of data and learn different ways to present)
  • Colored Venn Diagrams (loved the mixing colors in middle area ... good for visual learners)
There are even instructions about how to use these Google Templates with students!

I shared a few of my favorites, but I would strongly encourage you to go look at the whole list. Remember there are many different ways to use all of these templates and graphic organizers ... even if you decide to use a form in a way not thought of by the creator of that template. So look outside of the box and see what you can do ....
image from Google Templates for Student Projects

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