Monday, June 7, 2010

Using Movie Maker with Your Students

How often do you use Movie Maker with your students? There are some great ways to use Movie Maker as part of a lesson presentation or as projects for your students. Here is a list of ideas taken from the Digital Learning Environments News - May 2010 edition:

Six Ways to Use Movies
  1. Create a timeline that moves
    • Present a succession of historical events in a photo slide show with music from that period.
  2. Make your movie morph
    • For science class, present the stages of development in the life of a butterfly. Create a photo slide show with images you grab from
  3. Demonstrate things you can’t bring to class
    • Videotape feeding time for lions or gorillas at the zoo. Or capture the physics at play in a local skate park with still photos or video.
  4. Share the classics in a fresher way
    • Shoot video of various students reciting a phrase or two from a Shakespearean sonnet. String them together in a movie, and suddenly all eyes are on the screen. The whole class hangs on every famous word.
  5. Try a different angle for math
    • For math class, share all the ways that angles appear in everyday life, from a city skyscraper to the painted lines in the school parking lot to the countless angles at play on a pool table.
  6. Start a lively debate
    • Frame a debate topic by sharing the pros and cons of an issue with photos.
Here are some other great ideas for including Movie Maker in lessons and projects for your students:
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