Thursday, June 10, 2010

Turning The Rubber Stamp Off In The Resource Browser Of ActivInspire

Have you ever selected the rubber stamp in the Resource Browser and wished it would end? As I have gone out to do trainings in ActivInspire I sometimes get the question, "How do I turn the rubber stamp off in the resource browser of ActivInspire?" When you click the rubber stamp in the resource browser, it just continues to create duplicates of the object endlessly. If you select another object from the resource browser, it will continue to make copies of that object as well. Clicking the rubber stamp again will not end the madness. Double clicking the rubber stamp will not end it either. Right clicking on the page allows you to increase or decrease the size of the object that is endlessly placed on the page. However, if you double click the selected object or another object in the resource browser, the rubber stamp madness is ended. That's a lot easier than quitting ActivInspire to end the rubber stamp madness.

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