Monday, May 17, 2010

What’s New In ActivInspire Version 1.4.20411

There are a number of things new in this version of ActivInspire. They have added pen modifiers so that now you can draw straight lines, shapes, curves, zigzags and lines with arrows. You can either add the pen modifiers to your main toolbox or choose them from the view menu once you have selected the pen tool, highlighter tool or magic ink tool. They work in all three.
They have also brought back the page turn effects that were in ActivStudio. Although these can be a bit memory intensive, they are cool. You can set the page turn effect by selecting it from the file menu, settings, settings tab and flipchart. Once there you will see a square with three dots in it to the right of “default page turn effect”. Then you will see several page turn effects you can choose from. However, a quicker way to access the page turn effects is to select it from the view menu.
Another great feature they have added is the ability to shift/select or control/select multiple pages in a flipchart and drag them to the title of another flipchart you have open to copy them to that flipchart. Or once the flipchart pages are selected, you have the ability to cut, copy, paste, duplicate, delete or move them within the same flipchart. There are also improvements to the self-paced learning questions set.

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