Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Tweaking" a Project that was "Tweeted"

I regularly find good ideas on many of the blogs that I follow, but some of the blogs, like Digital Tools for Teachers, share great resources almost all the time. When I looked at Stephanie's blog (@artysteph26 on twitter) a few days ago, I was not disappointed. One of her recent posts was about a Character Scrapbook Project that she found on Scholastic. The project provides a way for students to analyze characters from the books they have read. I am a big fan of "Reader Response Projects" where students are asked to "do" something with the information they have read (something more than just answering comprehension or recall questions). I think challenging students to create something encourages a deeper of level of thinking.
I posted (tweeted) about this Character Scrapbook Project on twitter yesterday since I wanted to share it with others. Today someone (@lisamonthie on twitter) sent me a message that she took the project I tweeted about yesterday and "tweaked" it by using the idea to create a glogster project. Information about that "tweaked" project can be found on Lisa's blog, Learning 2.0 in a post called "A Few Twists on a Great Lesson". Since I am also a big fan of glogster, combining a reading response project with a glog only made it better in my book! I taught glogster workshops at an elementary school a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to share this project idea with those teachers (and you)!
By the way, look at the various forms of technology communication that were involved in the creation of this project: I used my RSS reader to read a blog about the character project, then I tweeted about the project, someone read my tweet about a project someone else found, then used that information to create another project which she wrote about on her blog, and then sent me a tweet on twitter to let me know. Who says teaching is independent work? I have never met any of the people mentioned in this blog in person but we somewhat unknowingly collaborated to create a project to increase critical thinking skills for students!
I feel so fortunate to learn from others!

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