Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post EOG Creativity

Whew! End of Grade Testing is over. Finally. Now what?

The students may feel like they have used every morsel of energy trying to recall all they have learned throughout the course of this school year. What can you give them that will get those creative juices flowing again? Something to get them talking. Help relieve the long awaited build-up and the stressful anticipation of test-taking all week… have them visually and literally share what they felt, what they thought their experience was like – and how they feel now that it is over.

Well… how do you get them talking about all of that? Visually inspire them with photo prompts. And, most importantly, make it fun!

Here is a picture/prompt to get you going….

The EOG tests gave me a lot to think about and showed me how much I had learned. I am glad it is over but I think…..

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Want to just give a photo and let them simply be inspired visually? Free writing will help the students get started…

Photo Prompts are GREAT for any subject – and most importantly, prompts increase writing skills and gives students practice in literacy and expressive communication.

Check out this link for more photo prompts. Be sure to include copyrights for everything you use!

Simply an interesting read to take photo prompts further:

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