Friday, May 14, 2010

Neat Project Idea?

After teaching for several years and assigning the same projects frequently, I was always on the look out for new ideas. Most of the time the students enjoyed doing the projects I assigned, but I would get "bored" looking at the same types or projects repeatedly. Kelly Hines (@kellyhines on twitter) shared a project idea recently that is one I would find a way to use if I was still in the classroom:

"Deven Black (@spedteacher on twitter) made this template for creating fakebook accounts for fictional characters... so awesome! A blank template for FB. My students are doing Facebook pages for the Renaissance characters they invent"

I looked at the historical example shown in the presentation below and was impressed at the research and critical thinking skills that are need to fill in the template. Think about how much you could learn about a person in history if you had to figure out (working on those inference skills):
  • who their friends would be
  • what they would be currently posting
  • what they would have posted in the past
  • what advertisements would be targeted to them
  • what groups they would belong to
This idea shown in this presentation is based on a historical figure, and Kelly's project (mentioned above) focuses on a Renaissance character students invent. I wonder if this could also be done as a way to examine certain characters in a fiction or nonfiction book. Compared with a test or a basic report, a project like this could assess a much deeper level of understanding. Now I am off to find a way to try this out ....


Rusha said...

Terrific idea! I can certainly see implications for English (literary characters) and Social Studies (famous people in history), but maybe Science (chemical symbols) and Math (geometric figures, terms, etc.). Thanks for making me think of all sorts of possibilities!

Melissa said...

I had not even thought of using this with Math and Science, but those are great ideas! Sharing ideas and working together is a wonderful thing!

mags729 said...

This is a very creative idea. Our students are clammering to be on facebook and most have FB accounts. Providing the template that the students are familiar with will open up so many other ideas for projects in any subject and potentially any grade level. Wonderful idea, thanks.