Monday, May 24, 2010

Lunch with a Side Order of Adventure!

Things don’t always go according to plan. But that’s life. For some people, they have to be able to plan things out. For others, the little adventures that life throws out offer excitement and a change from the norm. A few of us went out to lunch today. We had a very nice lunch, but on the way back April noticed that her vehicle was telling her that her tire pressure was low. I was thinking, how amazing that your car tells you when your tire pressure is a little low. In this case however, the pressure was not 28 instead of 32 as I was thinking, the pressure was at zero. April must have run over a nail. However, the nail did not stay in the tire like in most cases. This caused a large hole in the tire that allowed the air to escape very quickly. We pulled into a gas station. Not a service station. Those are few and far between now days. This car had a full spare that was mounted under the back of the vehicle. We lowered it, loosened the lug nuts on the wheel and jacked up the vehicle. How many times do you need to use a hammer to get the wheel off the vehicle? That wheel was not coming off without a fight! It was a bit rusted on and very stubborn. We were very fortunate that the store owner had a hammer and was willing to let us borrow it. We got the wheel off, put the spare on, tightened the lug nuts, lowered the vehicle and tightened the lug nuts one final time.
So when you head out the door for lunch, if your tire pressure drops to zero, enjoy the adventure!

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Debora P. Gillette said...

Great Adventure and it's impressive .